How to produce a bountiful Spiritual harvest…

Whenever I read Matthew 13.1-9 (the parable of the farmer scattering seed and the various soil types) and its explanation (vss. 18-23) I usually pay attention to various types of soil Jesus identified and the difference in fruitfulness.  Today, however, during “coffee with the Lord” I was impressed by the enemies of spiritual growth and fruitfulness Jesus identified… I want to be especially alert to them in my life!!

1) The “evil one” himself, who if he has his way will find a way to snatch away the seed. (vs. 19)

2) My own lack of “deep roots” so that problems or persecution keep me from bearing fruit. (vs.21)

3) The “thorns” – i.e. the worries of life and the lure of wealth and materialism – that choke out spiritual growth and fruitfulness.

I want to be alert to these enemies of spiritual growth and fruitfulness in my life!  I want to hear the message of the Kingdom, understand it, believe it and embrace it and allow the “Divine Husbandman” to work within my life to produce a bountiful harvest for my Lord!! (After all, I’m his “vine” and it’s His field, isn’t it?)!

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