Mission and Values Statements

L. R. Bartel


My Personal Mission Statement

            To personally study and teach God’s word, and enable others to do the same, in such a way that the minds and hearts of people are engaged, they develop Godly attitudes and their lives are transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit as they are encouraged to respond obediently to God.

My Personal Core Values


1.  I value my marriage and family

Faithfulness and fidelity in marriage and family life are infinitely more important to me than any competing human loyalty.

2.  I value people

Since God loves everyone and His heart throbs redemptively for all people of the world, regardless of their race, gender, culture, or situation in life, so should I.

3.  I value the church

Since Christ “loved the church and gave Himself  for her”  (Ephesians 5:25), I should love it in spite of its imperfections, pray daily for its well-being, contribute my best to its mission and ministries, be willing to submit its authority, and live so its reputation in the world is positive.

4.  I value the Holy Spirit

The secret to effectiveness and victory in my Christian life is for me to live all of life sensitive and responsive to what the Holy Spirit is doing within the various contexts of my life.

5.  I value my ministry

My ministry, to be effective, must be in keeping with my calling and gifts, must express itself as servanthood and stewardship, must be fundamentally interpersonal in nature, and made effective through the power of the Holy Spirit.

6.  I value the Bible

The Holy Scriptures are uniquely inspired by God and completely trustworthy.  They are essential to my life in Christ – my all-sufficient guide for faith and daily living.

7.  I value my daily quiet time with God

Time spent with God — getting to know Him, His Word, seeking His will, embracing His purposes, and listening to his voice — is not wasted, but wisely invested time.  It is essential for the effectiveness of my personal life and ministry.

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