What to do when things go “from bad to worse?”

How do you feel… what do you do… when things go “from bad to worse?”

It doesn’t get much worse than the situation referred to in the introductory comment of Psalm 3: “A psalm of David when he fled from his son Absalom.” (Check out the story in 2 Samuel 15.13 – 17.22)  I mean, can you imagine the sense of rejection and failure!  Betrayed!  Plotted against by your own son!  Forced to run for your life because your own flesh and blood has attempted a coup against you!  Doesn’t get much worse than that!  And that is the background for what David cries out for and confesses in Psalm 3.

“Lord, how many are my foes!  How many rise up against me!  Many are saying, ‘God will not deliver him!’  But You, O Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts up my head!  I call out to the Lord, and He answers me… I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me!  I will not fear though tens of thousands assail me on every side!  Arise, Lord!  Deliver me my God! … From the Lord comes deliverance!” (From Psalm 3 NIV)

I’ve learned something over the years… Most of the “greats” of the Bible have experienced the kinds of things that we face today!  When things are bad!… When they’re just terrible!… When a sense of rejection, failure or betrayal just overwhelm you… inspired words like those of David’s can be of great help!  Make them your own!  Pray them!  Confess them to God!  It’s great therapy… AND the Lord hears and answers those prayers… Ask David!!

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