Psalm 1 – The Kind of Person God Blesses

God’s rich and wonderful blessing is not earned, but on the other hand it is not an award for irresponsible living and bad behavior!

Those were my thought this morning as I reflected on Psalm 1 during “coffee with the Lord” … Now let me share my jottings (my comments or personal paraphrase) of this Psalm today (compare it to what you have in your Bible.)  Incidentally, periodically writing a personal paraphrase of a significant passage of Scripture during your devotional time can be an uplifting and profoundly edifying practice!)  Here is my personal paraphrase of Psalm 1 today…

“Who does God bless – what kind of person?

He blesses the person who DOESN’T DO SOME THINGS: They don’t follow the advice of the wicked, you won’t find them living a sinful lifestyle, or hanging out with those who mock God or laughing at what is righteous.

On the other hand, He blesses them because of SOME THINGS THEY DO… they love God’s word with all their heart and think about the wonderful things it teaches all of the time (they “meditate” on it day and night)!

When you observe their life, they are a lot like a vibrant flourishing fruitful tree – God’s blessing is upon everything they do!

Wicked people are just the opposite – They’re blown here and there by every wind that comes along like tiny bits of dry grass on a sidewalk on a hot windy day.  At the final judgment they’ll be in deep trouble!  They won’t have a chance.

God is intimately aware, however, of everything going on in the righteous person’s life!  His wonderful blessing is upon their lives both now and forever!”

My personal paraphrase of Psalm 1 – 02/17/2021

I gotta tell you… I want to be the kind of person God blesses!

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