Happenstance! Really?

It happened by “chance!” or “It just happened to turn out that way!” How many times have I heard those explanations for things that had “the finger of God” written all over them!

Really?! I read a passage this morning during my time of “Coffee with the Lord that flies in the face of that thinking and repudiates it! Exodus 2:1-10 – The birth, preservation, and Divine purpose for Moses! You should read it for yourself in the Bible!

Think about it… Brutal taskmasters of God’s people, Israel… Determined plans by an evil leader to destroy all the male babies… Midwives who defied them and feared God… An innovative “mother of faith”… A caring, courageous sister… a timely scheduled bath by a king’s daughter… Eyes that were drawn to a little, handmade “ark” in some bulrushes among the reeds of the Nile … And GOD preserved, and providentially provided for the deliverer of His people!

Listen, God has a thousand ways to fulfill His will when we can’t think of one!!! I don’t believe “HAPPENSTANCE” is a word that should be in any Christian’s vocabulary.

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