You’re Special to Me!

IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY… A day for sharing love, gratitude, greetings and precious memories. At our house it’s a stack of cards sent to precious family and friends, declared love via social media posts, a special phone call, a held hand, flowers, a shared meal and exchanged gifts. All of it to say how much someone means to you.

When I read Romans 16:1-16 today during my time of “Coffee with the Lord” I was reminded of Valentine’s Day! In this passage we have the great apostolic leader, Apostle Paul expressing his personal love and appreciation to dear friends and fellow servants of the Lord in Rome!

Com’on read it – Romans 16:1-16! … And as you read it, don’t hurry! Allow the warmth of Paul’s words about those he knew, loved and served with enrich your heart! This is a very personal passage! Consider each phrase, relish it, and think about those you have served with in the Kingdom of God – how you feel about them… Their faithful service, their hard work, their contributions, how much they mean to you – THEIR LOVE, THEIR FRIENDSHIP!

Wow!!! Right now the names of special people, situations and sacrifices of precious fellow servants of the Lord flood my mind! I’m thanking God for each one of them! Godly good people I love – worthy of honor – worthy of a Valentine’s Day card, letter or call!!! How about you?

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