Prayer for Others… Needed Desperately!

Who have you promised that you’d pray for them? Follow up question: Who have you actually prayed for today?

I’m married to a wonderful lady – Sharon… She takes promises to pray for others very seriously! She has a list she keeps in her Bible of those who have asked her for prayer and others she’s assured of her prayers. At the close of her devotional time in the morning you’ll see her with that list, going over those names and situations, in fervent, sustained prayer! You can depend on Sharon’s prayers!!!

In today’s passage from the epistles in the “Necessary Food Bible Reading Plan” Apostle Paul the great Christian leader, missionary and theologian, appeals to the believers in Rome to pray for him! (Romans 15:30-33)…

This is how he puts it… “STRIVE together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf!” (A very strong, and if you please “fervent” word!) He appeals by “our Lord Jesus Christ” and by the love the Holy Spirit produces within their lives (cp. Galatians 5:22-23)! … His appeal is that they would pray for three things on His behalf…

1) That he would be delivered from “the unbelievers in Judea” (a prayer for protection in the midst of persecution as he is seeking to deliver the Gospel message in the face of resistance and persecution… (check out the example he gives of this in Thessalonica – Acts 17:1-15) Faithful “servants of the Lord” serving in difficult places and facing challenging situations DEPEND on our prayers!

2) That the service he is seeking to provide on behalf of the Christians in Jerusalem would be considered “acceptable” by those receiving it and accepted with thanksgiving. (Romans 15:22-29)

3) And finally that he would be able to come to them for a visit (and ministry) with joy and be blessed by their fellowship!

LISTEN: Spiritual leader and missionaries DEPEND on our prayers on their behalf!!! My suggestion? Make a list like Sharon’s and pray for the needs (and persons) there daily (I have!). And be prepared to respond with fervent prayer as the Holy Spirit “nudges” you (His “nudge” often lets us know of an emergency or particular situation that merits our fervent prayer).

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