Revised Version of “Necessary Food” Bible Reading Plan Available…

The Bible reading plan I authored many years ago (and many of you have used) – “Necessary Food” – now has a “revised version” – I just completed it!  It is unique for several reasons…

  • First of all, it focuses on “passages” (natural units of Scripture) as much as possible – not strict chapter boundaries or an arbitrary number of verses.
  • Next, you read a passage from each of the major divisions of Scripture daily (thus not getting bogged down and discouraged in “genealogies” 😉 (OT historical books, Biblical poetry, prophetic literature, NT historical books, and the epistles)
  • Finally, following the plan you finish reading the Bible in a year.

It’s available to you (and your ministry or church) at no charge… Simply email me at and I’ll send you a pdf copy of the plan.  (If you decide to use it/reproduce it for your church or ministry I simply request you include the copyright statement when you reproduce it).

Blessings as you read God’s word daily and make it you “Spiritual Necessary Food” (it contains all the Spiritual “MDR – Minimum Daily Requirements” you need!!!

LeRoy R. Bartel, DMin

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