A “Marriage” of Sorts is Underway!!

Many of you are aware of the Facebook group I host entitled “Coffee with the Lord” (it is also available as a WordPress blog – coffeewiththelord.com, and on Twitter @coffeewithlord). In the past “Coffee with the Lord” has largely featured almost daily devotional reflections from my Bible reading.

With the release and revision, however, of my daily Bible reading plan, “Necessary Food,” I have felt led (and have been encouraged) to devote “Coffee with the Lord” almost exclusively to my devotional reflections on selected passages from the “Necessary Food” Bible reading plan.

The result will be a kind of marriage between “Coffee with the Lord” and the “Necessary Food” Bible reading plan. I think that you that are using the Bible reading plan may find this very helpful and uplifting. Be watching for it beginning January 1 2021. Not every passage from the five daily Bible reading will be featured but at least one will.

If you have not gotten your free pdf copy of the revised “Necessary Food” Bible reading plan yet, do not hesitate to request one via e-mail (leroybartel@gmail.com).

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