Com’on, Wise Up!

Proverbs 3:1-12 is one of my absolute favorite passages of Scripture in all the Bible!  It was my Bible reading yesterday during my time of “coffee with the Lord.”  After reading it again I gave it this title: “Com’on, Wise Up! – 6 Keys to a Profitable, Fulfilling Life”

A couple of things to be kept in mind… This passage was written to a young person preparing for leadership.  Since it is Biblical (Hebrew) poetry it is characterized by a lot of vivid imagery.  And finally, since it is “wisdom literature” its roots are deep in reverence (‘fear”) for God and its implications impact all of life! (see the pic I’ve produced)

So here we go… “6 Keys to a Profitable, Fulfilling Life”…

1.  Give high priority to Godly teaching – remember it!  Heed it!  The promise?  You’ll enjoy a long, fulfilling life! (Verses 1-2)

2.  Make “steadfast love” [covenant love – Hebrew “Hesed”) and faithfulness the major adorning feature of your life!  The Promise? You’ll enjoy both God’s “favor” and the respect of others! (Verses 3-4)

3.  Trust God completely – acknowledge and honor Him in everything you do – every decision you make!  The promise?  He’ll lead you and work out all the details of your life! (Verses 5-6) [Note: This was my godly mother’s life verse!]

4.  Don’t be a “know it all!”  Reverence God and live the way He wants you to live!  The promise?  Your life will experience incredible physical, emotional and spiritual well-being! (Verses 7-8)

5.  Honor God with your income and all your possessions (Malachi 3:10b-12)!   The promise?  God will pour out blessings on your life that overflow (Malachi 3:10b-12)!  (Verses 9-10)

6.  When your Heavenly Father disciplines you as His child (and He will – Hebrews 12:5-11) – don’t resent it, complain or pout!  The promise?  God’s discipline is proof-positive of His love – He delights in you and wants only the best for you! (Verses 11-12)

Wow!  Good stuff eh (and it’s in your Bible!)?  As someone has said, “That’ll preach!” – No, better than that – You can live by it!  And with God’s help I intend to!!!

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