A Dream About to be Realized!

Remember this dream of mine? …

I posted the following on Facebook in Early July…

“I’m seriously contemplating leading a weekly interactive online Bible study experience possibly entitled “Digging Deeper” (perhaps kickoff in August). Anyone interested? It would feature an inductive approach to Scripture… Participative, not simply presentation oriented – guided – not simply lecture delivery. Searching for the best app platform for that kind of delivery… You that have been doing “online church” for awhile – recommendations (and reasons)?”

Well, this dream is about to be realized in early September!!! It will be a cooperative endeavor with the Assemblies of God “Bible Engagement Project” (BEP) under the able leadership of a former student, Jon Catron. It will be a weekly online interactive Bible study via Zoom – “100 Great Passages of the Bible” … Be watching for further announcements!!!

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