A prayer of blessing for you today!

As many of you know, I think, I post, appropriate birthday blessings from Scripture for those who are my Facebook friends. As a result, as I have “coffee with the Lord” I am on the continual lookout for appropriate passages I can use in that regard.

Today, I read Psalm 90, I identified such a passage! I’ve adapted it, and will use it, the coming year as such a blessing. But today I send it out to ALL OF YOU that may be frustrated and discouraged over the challenges COVID-19 has brought your way. I send it out to those who may be facing other challenges and difficulties that have come your way… It is my prayer of blessing on your behalf to God! He is faithful… and He is good! His “steadfast love endures FOREVER!” Here it is – I prayed it on your behalf today!
“Oh Lord, satisfy them each morning with your steadfast love, so that they may rejoice and be glad all their day! Make them glad for as many days as they have seen affliction – for as many years as they have seen evil! May they see you work again in their lives; let their children see your glory! May Your favor be upon them and establish the work of their hands – yes Lord, establish the work of their hands!” (adapted from Psalm 90:14-17 ESV)

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