A few thoughts on grasping (and communicating) God’s intended message in Scripture…


…An ol’ Bible college/university prof here – one who has taught “hermeneutics” (how to interpret the Bible accurately) and “homiletics” (communicating the message of Scripture effectively) for many years…

I just finished reading 1 Corinthians 2 in my Bible this morning during my time of personal devotions (you ought to read it for yourself!) and I’ve got a few reflections based upon what that chapter in the Bible declares…

First of all, Apostle Paul, in that chapter, champions the incredible power of a simple Gospel message shared in the power of the Holy Spirit! He asserts that it is life-transforming and life-giving to the hearer who hears it, believes it, and responds to it with faith!

Secondly, he declares that our preaching/teaching must be more than simply what a good class in speech skills, communication essentials, or rhetorical essentials, or persuasive techniques can deliver!

Inspired by the Holy Spirit He informs us, that if individuals are going to grasp, respond to, and be transformed by “What no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind imagined – things that God has prepared for those who love Him” (i.e. eternal truth – Divine revelation – God’s Word!; 1 Corinthians 2:9 quoting Isaiah 64:4) we’re going to need the Holy Spirit’s help in…

– In both communication AND comprehension
– In both proclamation AND perception!
– In both rhetoric AND reception

Which brings an old worship song to mind… “Come Holy Spirit, I need Thee! Come sweet Spirit I pray! Come in Your strength and Your power! Come in your own gentle way!”

Listen, here’s one preacher/teacher who will declare to you, I need the Holy Spirit to be very active in the study when I am seeking to interpret a passage of Scripture, I need Him to be very active when I’m crafting a message, I need Him when I am seeking to communicate that message to a group of people, and I certainly am depending on Him to work in the mind and heart of those who hear the message of God’s word! I JUST NEED HIM – “top to bottom, beginning to end, inside out” if lives are going to be changed!

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