The Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. brought these things to mind…

martin luther king jr.

On this Martin Luther King Day weekend… three takeaways for me…

1) As a Christian, the God I serve is “no respecter of persons!” (He’s color blind – He’s uses both men and women in his work – He doesn’t care “which side of the track” you were raised on or live – He’s not impressed by how much you make, what kind of house you live in, or what you drive – and He’s not impressed be your position or the abbreviated titles after your name… He loves “the world” and gave His son to redeem all humankind!

2) One of my Core Values: Core Value #2… I Value People: Since God loves everyone and His heart throbs redemptively for all people of the world, regardless of their race, gender, culture, or situation in life, so should I!

3) I’ve got to have something worth living for and something I’m willing, if need be, to die for! (And I do… the “cause of Christ!”)

Thank you, Martin Luther King – The reminder of your life (and death) brought these things to mind!

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