From weeping… to joy! A secret

psalm-30-5-FB-Facebook-Cover-TimelineI got up early this morning, put on the coffee for my time of “coffee with the Lord,” got my Bible, picked up my cell phone while the coffee was brewing, checked Facebook and encountered this wonderful post from a missionary friend… (And believe me, someone will need this today!)

“It is a glorious feeling when you have gone to sleep troubled and with sorrow, wanting to hear the voice of the Lord, but aren’t… then you wake up to the sunshine and the voice of the Lord giving you clear direction and guidance! I wouldn’t trade His peace for anything! If you’re waiting on the Lord, don’t quit asking, seeking, or knocking! Pursue Him through pain until He answers!” (Thank you, Sarah Yellowhair Morris!)

That post brought to mind this tidbit from Scripture:

“Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning!” (from Psalm 30:5)

Hey, good stuff right there! Keep trusting! Keep praying! Press on… press through!F

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