Amazing Grace! … It’s worth defending!

amazing-graceSometimes circumstances and situations are significant enough – grave enough – that you can’t talk about what you’d like to…

It was like that for Jude when He wrote his little letter of concern to fellow Christians in the 1st century…

He really wanted to write about the wonderful, salvation through Christ Jesus that Christians shared!  He desired to reflect on the abundant, freely provided, grace of God that brought salvation and every other blessing God freely provides to guilty sinners…

Grace… God’s grace; what is it anyway?  It’s God’s enablement provided in our weakness!  It’s God’s forgiveness and imparted righteousness in the face of our sinfulness!  It’s God’s ability replacing our inability.  It’s not only God giving us what we don’t deserve – It’s God freely giving us everything we need to please Him and do His will through Christ Jesus!

But he felt he had to address the distortion of God’s grace rampant in the Church and its evil collateral destructive impact!

He said, “although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints [those who had been saved from sin by God’s grace]… For certainly people have crept in… ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality [excusing immoral behavior in the name of ‘grace’] and denying our only Master the Lord, Jesus Christ [where all such distorted teaching ultimately leads]!” (From Jude 3-4)

It’s a tragic thing – a dangerous doctrine – a disgusting distortion, to turn the wonderful “grace of God” and turn it into an excuse for living in sin!  That is a situation that must be addressed and dealt with!  And the sad fact is, it’s a distortion of doctrine that is still rampant in “Christianity” today… Excusing sinful, immoral behavior in the name of “God’s grace!”  Jude’s warning is still relevant and needs to be heeded!  If this disgusting, destructive teaching is not addressed it will ultimately lead to the “denial of our only Master and Lord Jesus Christ!”

Although, at the close of this calendar year, it would be desirable to discuss only the positive aspects of God’s grace expressed in our salvation, a warning about the distortion of God’s grace in our time and culture is necessary!  May we never be guilty of distorting it!  Instead may we always be careful to defend and protect what “grace” really is!

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