The Bible: A lot like an “Owner’s Manual” for your life

Bible - owner's manualI don’t simply “like” the Bible – I “LOVE” the Bible!  My favorite class to teach at SAGU (Southwestern Assemblies of God University) was a course we called “Bible Study” – a course that exposed our students to “inductive Bible study.”  Each year I’d do a little exercise with our students… I’d ask them to tell me what they thought the Bible provided for Christians.  Over the years their input could be summarized by the following list…

  • The revelation of what God is like
  • A reliable report of the wonderful things God has done
  • Confidence in what God can and will do today!
  • An awareness of how God works
  • The revelation of His will for our lives
  • The common beliefs and convictions that bind Christians together
  • The vocabulary of our faith – how we talk about our relationship with God
  • The “good news” of God’s provision to restore our relationship with Himself (i.e. the “Gospel”)
  • Guidance about how to continue to live in fellowship with God (i.e. “discipleship”)
  • And our mandate and message as believers

I like to think of the Bible as “an owner’s manual.”  Several years ago I purchased the truck of my dreams… A Honda Ridgeline fully outfitted.  Loved that truck!  When I purchased it, there was a book that came with it, located in the glove compartment.  It was called “the owner’s manual.”  That book provided all kinds of helpful information and problem solving tips.  Before I spent $$$ at the repair shop for shop time and parts, it was always helpful to consult the “owner’s manual!”

Consequently, each semester at the University I would encourage my student’s write these words in the front of every Bible they owned… “This book is my all sufficient guide for faith [my relationship with God] and daily living!”

Listen, in light of all that the Bible provides, don’t you think it might be a good idea to spend more time reading it, consulting it, and following its direction in all the matters of faith and life?

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