Don’t dispair… With Jesus’ help you can feed a multitude with very little!

Feeding the five thousandIt’s a well-known story in the Bible – Jesus feeding the five thousand (and that’s just counting the men who were there – not including the women or children who were in attendance that day!). Jesus did it on five loaves of bread and two fish that he blessed and divided among them! Those who were in attendance that day all ate until they were satisfied and after the meal was over they collected twelve baskets full of leftovers. Awesome story! I read it again this morning during “Coffee with the Lord” from Mark 6:30-43.

It reminded me of an important personal lesson in ministry… When the need is so great that it seems impossible – even overwhelming. And you don’t know what to do and your resources seem so small and inadequate… Don’t run from the need! Do what you can with what you have! Ask God to bless it! Share it in His name and watch Him multiply it! He’ll use what you have to meet the need and there may even be some left over for you to take home!

Do like I’m going to… give it a try!

(drawing courtesy Annie Vallotton – Good News Bible)

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