Happy New Year! 2016 has dawned! You want to be like which Bible character? Job, you say?

Happy New Year - Blessing2016 has dawned… A new year! New challenges! New opportunities! Who knows what the new year will bring! Just some of the thoughts that ran through my mind as I celebrated “Coffee with the Lord” this morning.

My Bible reading this morning included Job 1:1-5 (I also started the year off by reading Genesis 1:1 – 2:3; Isaiah 1:1-31; Matthew 1:1-17; and Romans 1:1-7 – a Bible reading plan I developed called “Necessary Food”).

The introductory passage in Job especially impressed me today! I trust and pray that during the coming year I, by the grace of God, will exhibit the same godly character as Job (regardless of what life brings)!

  1. A life that is “blameless” – Job lived above accusation!
  2. Job was “upright” – what he was in behavior and lifestyle flowed from inner righteousness and integrity.
  3. He reverenced (or “feared”) God
  4. He avoided anything that was evil – He “turned away from evil” – in other words he was scrupulously righteous.
  5. His lifestyle was made even more remarkable and attractive because he enjoyed God’s favor and blessing (He was the greatest of all the people of the east”).
  6. He was a spiritual leader at home, exhibiting an ongoing concern for the spiritual welfare of his family.

What a man! I desire to live that kind of life in the coming year (and beyond)! God help me!!

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