Sports enthusiasts are everywhere! How about “wisdom enthusiasts?”

sports enthusiast

“A sports enthusiast” – I don’t know what images come to your mind when you hear that term? These people really get into their chosen sports team! They buy the franchised cloths, the expensive seats, for some of them it even includes costumes and makeup for the day of the game… they’ll travel halfway around the country for their team!  A victory and they’re as high as a kite… a defeat and you’d have thought the world was on the brink of disaster. They love their team! They are devoted to, and enthusiastic about their team!

I read a proverb with an association to that idea this morning… it was really thought provoking… Here it is…

“Carrying out a wicked scheme is ENJOYABLE to a fool… and so is wisdom for the one who has discernment.” (Proverbs 10:23 the NET Bible)

So the issue is, what do we find enjoyable? The NET Bible has this added note on the word “enjoyable”: “Like sport – the noun is used elsewhere to refer to what is exhilarating and pleasurable. For the fool evil bring such enjoyment; for the discerning wisdom does.”

I know what side of that issue I want to come down on – I want to be a “wisdom enthusiast!” Reverencing the Lord (i.e. “the fear of the Lord”) is the key! I don’t want evil things to be what brings me enjoyment – I want to “hate evil” and all that term implies (cp. Psalm 97:10; Proverbs 8:13) On the other hand, I want to “be all into” wisdom!” – as into getting it, cheering for it, and advocating it as any “sports enthusiastic,” don’t you?

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