The Lord’s Blessing… enriches!!!

God's blessing

Oh how I desire the Lord’s blessing! Nothing is better this side of heaven (and “heaven” is the ultimate blessing and place of blessing)! But the good news is, we can also enjoy the blessing of the Lord “this side of heaven!” I want it, don’t you?!

Here’s what I read on the subject of “the Lord’s blessing” this morning in the Bible during my time of “coffee with the Lord”…

“The blessing from the Lord makes a person rich (or enriches a person)! And He adds no sorrow to it!” (Proverbs 10:22 – the NET Bible)

God blesses us in so many ways! We would do well to consider them – the things He provides that enrich our lives… Not just material blessings, or physical blessings, or the blessings all around us in the created world (although those are his blessings to)! But relational blessings, emotional blessings, and most of all spiritual blessings through Christ Jesus, our Lord! Many, many blessings – a rich variety – too numerous to count! … Oh com’on, let’s try to count ‘em! (as the old gospel song says… “Count your many blessings!” Oh how His blessings enrich our lives!

And then that last phrase of Proverbs 10:22… “And He adds no sorrow to it!” – a phrase in the Bible with rich nuances… Here’s just a few: “God’s blessing is pure and untarnished – it does not bring physical pain or emotional sorrow” (Note in the NET Bible); “He does not give it grudgingly or with condemnation but freely and with joy!” (Note from the NIV study Bible); or as the NIV translates: “without painfully toiling for it!” And I’ve only cited a few of the rich nuances capable Bible scholars have identified!

Wow… The rich, varied, profuse, abundant blessing of the Lord! I want to be aware of it! I want to live in such a way that I can be it’s recipient! I don’t want to do anything that would rob me of its benefits! How to live to enjoy them you ask? Matthew 5:3-12, the Beatitudes, might be a good place to start… Gonna review and reflect on them today!

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