Integrity pays!


Integrity pays off! I believe that – but I also have to face the reality that some suffer unjustly in spite of their integrity! Joseph in the Bible is the case study of both seemingly contradictory truths…

Joseph’s master in Egypt, Potiphar, “observed that the Lord was with Joseph and that the Lord made everything he was doing successful.” So Potiphar made Joseph overseer of everything in his household and all that he owned. And the Bible says, “The Lord blessed Potiphar’s household for Joseph’s sake.”

Joseph conducted himself with scrupulous integrity. But Potiphar’s wife seduced and propositioned Joseph on multiple occasions. On one occasion she grabbed him by his garment and said, “Joseph, have sex with me!” In his integrity, Joseph, left his coat and fled the house. In rejected rage Potiphar’s wife falsely accused Joseph and Potiphar “took him and threw him into prison.”

But even there, “the Lord was with Joseph and showed him kindness. He granted him favor in the sight of the prison warden.” The warden saw the kind of person Joseph was – the sterling quality of his character – and put him in charge of all the prisoners. In fact the Bible says, “the Lord was with him and whatever Joseph was doing the Lord was making successful.” (From Genesis 39 the NET Bible)

I just want to say it again… Integrity pays! But I hope that even if I should suffer unjustly in spite of my integrity; I, like Joseph, will sustain my integrity, and trust the Lord to work things out, vindicate me, and cause me to prosper regardless of my circumstances. Going to say it one more time with conviction… I believe integrity pays!

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