It’s time to “wake up and live right!”

Wake up!Sunrise Baguio

It’s time to “wake up and live right!”

That’s the message I got from my Bible reading this morning during “Coffee with the Lord!” Ever almost oversleep? You had an important appointment, you woke up and you had another 30 minutes before the alarm went off so you decided to just go ahead and “catch a wink or two” … the alarm went off but you hit the “snooze button” … just 10 more minutes … An hour later you wake with a start and alarm! How are you going to make that important appointment!

Sound familiar? Tragedy is we do it with our lives… We doze off when we know we ought to be “up and at ‘em” … Alert! Clothed with righteousness! Living right! Conducting of lives as if “today” might be the day the Lord returns!

Here’s the passage from the Bible that sounded an awful lot like a “spiritual alarm” to me this morning…

“And do this… because we know the time, that it is already the hour for us to awake from sleep, for our salvation is now nearer than when we became believers… The night has advanced toward dawn; the day is near. So then we must lay aside the works of darkness, and put on the weapons of light. Let us live decently as in the daytime, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and sensuality, not in discord and jealousy. Instead, let us put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh to arouse its desires! (Romans 13:11–14 NET Bible)

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