From Groaning to Glory – A Work in Process!

From Groaning to Glory!!! Romans 8:18-30

Here’s Paul’s faith-filled assertion… “I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us!” … This entire passage today develops that grand and glorious, faith-filled theme!

Creation is groaning under the impact of sin… but in anticipation!… And we are not exempt… we also groan! We are awaiting our fulfillment as God’s sons and daughters – the redemption of our bodies!

Even though we sometimes find ourselves groaning, we have the Divine help of the Holy Spirit!  He is making intercession for us according to the will of God! And He turns our groaning into a prayer!!!

And in the meantime we know this – we have this confidence – “He is working in all things for good, for those who love God and are the called according to His purpose!”

What a hope – what a confident expectation!  Ultimately we have been predestined to be conformed to the image of God’s Son, Jesus… Predestined, called, justified and ultimately GLORIFIED! GROANING TO GLORY!!! In process to be glorified! Ultimately bearing His image… REGARDLESS OF WHAT WE’RE GOING THROUGH RIGHT NOW!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

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