Drifting Toward Disaster!

Can you imagine the terror and tragedy of a person kayaking above Niagara Falls as they busy themselves with their something on their cellphone.  They drift past all the warnings, they ignore all the barriers, and came very near slipping over the falls to their death!

I thought of that kind of possibility as I read Genesis 19:1-29 this morning during my time of “coffee with the Lord.  Hey,  this chapter is very difficult to read… It certainly is not uplifting!

Abraham’s nephew, Lot, and his family have drifted toward the decadent cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (apparently for economic reasons).  God has purposed He must destroy these cities for their sin. The Lord mercifully sends heavenly emissaries to Lot to warn them and lead them to escape God’s judgment. (I believe, in response to Abraham’s intercession).  However, it is clear that “spiritual drift” has set into Lot’s life and family. He, and his family, have enculturated to Sodom more than they recognized or even wanted to admit… and it shows!!! Sodom has influenced Lot’s family and it is only a merciful act of God that he is spared its complete destruction in judgment.  Lot and his family almost have to be dragged from the city’s destruction they are so reluctant to leave.  Then God’s judgment falls.

It’s a sad, sad chapter in the Bible and a warning to us all who live in a wicked time and sinful culture!  Spiritual and moral drift is dangerous (and left unchecked, disastrous)!  Resist it!  Avoid it!  Beware!!

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