“Justification By Faith” – The Benefits

This is what I wrote in the margin of my Bible after reading Romans 5:1-11 during my time of “coffee with the Lord” this morning… “Wow! The awesome benefits of being “justified” – experiencing “justification by faith!” (Hey, you really ought to read it for yourself in the Bible and check me out!)…

1. First of all, the most obvious benefit – I’m made “right” with God – His righteousness is credited to the account of a guilty sinner! But getting right with God is just the beginning! Ther are so many other wonderful benefits accrue to us as a result of that experience! Here’s my personal list based upon what Romans 5:1-11 says…

2. Peace with God (not just peace that comes FROM God – I am at peace WITH God – I’m right with God)!

3. I have God’s “grace” to “stand in” – God’s grace (everything I need that He freely provides) is the foundation for my life!

4. I rejoice in the hope that one day I’ll share in the glory of God (heaven – being in His presence forever)!

5. I am even able to rejoice when I’m suffering, knowing that my suffering doesn’t destroy me – it develops me!

6. And over it all, God’s love is poured lavishly into my heart every day through the Holy Spirit that God gives me!

7. Oh, and I can’t help but add one more that’s described in the verses that follow (verses 6-11) … We rejoice because we have been saved from God’s wrath (which, incidentally, is His righteous response to sin that has not been dealt with) and we are reconciled to God!

Wow! Praise the Lord! Getting “right with God” through faith in Christ

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