Collective Fervent Prayer Works!

Do you believe in the power of collective prayer – when a group of Christians gather together, focus on a need and pray fervently for God to act or meet it?

I do! And I read a story this morning in the Bible during my time of “Coffee with the Lord” that powerfully illustrates it! It’s found in Acts 12.1-19. So here is my challenge for you today… Get a Bible, put on your “imagination” (so you can visualize what you’re reading – Hey, this story is filled with drama!), enter into the story and SEE IF IT DOESN’T ENCOURAGE YOUR FAITH TO PRAY!

Then I urge you to get a group of Christians together, identify a need, focus in faith and PRAY!! Then see what God will do!! BE EXPECTANT… GOD CAN WOW YOU!! (And even if you’re faith falters He can even SURPRISE you!) Go ahead… read the story! … and DO IT!

As a side note: I’d just LOVE to see a group of capable actors turn this story into a dramatic presentation!! It would make a POWERFUL sermon on the power of prayer preached through the vehicle of drama!! Com’on someone, DO IT!! (And send me a copy of the video!)

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