“DISCOVERY Bible Study” weekly via Zoom

Dr. Bartel, longtime Bible professor at SAGU (Southwestern Assemblies of God University) and former National Director of the Division of Christian Education for the Assemblies of God, hosts (“teaches,” guides, facilitates) DISCOVERY Bible Study each week!

We call it “DISCOVERY Bible Study” because good Bible study – enriching, satisfying, life-changing Bible study, is “MORE than just a talking head!”  DISCOVERY is built right into the experience!  It’s engaging!  It draws you in!  It encourages you to DISCOVER and apply the truth in the Bible for yourself!  Another name – the “technical name” – for this kind of Bible study is “Inductive Bible Study!

It is available Tuesday evening of each week via “Zoom” – Live on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. CDT/CST (but each Bible study session will also be taped and available later).  We’re studying “52 Great Passages of the Bible”

If you are not already signed up for “DISCOVERY Bible Study” message your preferred e-mail address to “LeRoy R. Bartel” on Facebook, via text at 972-921-9317 or via e-mail at LeRoyBartel@gmail.com and we’ll get you enrolled in the weekly Zoom DISCOVERY Bible Study sessions!  (And if you have a friend that you know would enjoy and profit from these studies… “Pass the Word!”

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