Prayer Lessons From Solomon

Lessons learned today during my time of “coffee with the Lord” from Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the temple (1 Kings 8.22-61 – Great passage!! Worthy of reading, reflecting upon, and a personal response!):

  • There is no one/no God like the Lord! He keeps His covenant and shows his steadfast love to those who serve Him with all their heart!
  • What God promises we can ask (and expect) Him to fulfill!
  • No house of worship or temple that we build could ever contain God! Heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain Him! Yet He pays attention to the prayers we pray, the pleas we make, and the cry of our hearts in places like that!!
  • God knows our hearts and when we sin, if we will acknowledge our sin and ask for forgiveness, He will hear us, forgive us, rescue us, deliver us, and restore us!

TODAY, I MAKE SOLOMON’S CONFESSION AND PRAYER MY OWN! “Not one word has failed of all His good promise… The Lord our God will be with us, as He was with our fathers! May He not leave us or forsake us and may we incline our hearts to Him, to walk in all His ways!”

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