Key Life Principles From Proverbs 3

Proverbs 3:1-12, Is a wonderful passage in the Bible! It expresses several key life-principles that have guided my life over the years. I read them again this morning with relish. I would have to say these are core concepts that I have personally embraced – they have made all the difference in the quality of my daily life. Each comes with a wonderful promise or assurance. I highly recommend them! Here is a fresh personal statement of those principles…

1. Don’t forget the reliable life-lessons you been taught by the key influencers in your life! What they have invested in you will adorn and distinguish your life.

2. Embrace and live out your covenant relationships! God will honor you for it… and so will others.

3. Trust in the Lord completely – don’t try to run your own life. The Lord will smooth out your path and help work out all of the troubling details.

4. Reverence the Lord and live out that reverence humbly every day. It is the healthy way to live and you’ll discover fresh vitality in your life.

5. Honor the Lord with your money and possessions. He promises to prosper you!

6. Accept your Heavenly Father’s discipline. It is a sign that He cares about you – that he deeply loves you and you’re his child.

Take it from me… this passage is worth reflecting on deeply (and committing to memory)!

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