Exploring the Significance of “The NAME of the Lord?”

Connected with your “name” is your reputation… Have you thought about that? A probing thought isn’t it – perhaps even a bit frightening! …Your reputation! Of course your name stands for who you are… but it’s more than that to others… It’s based upon what people know of you personally – it’s based upon what you have done (or not done).

Recently I read an article (I can’t even remember the author now or the title of the article) – but the author argued that “the Name” of the Lord stood for more than God Himself, or even God’s character – it also included His reputation. The article was well done from a Biblical studies perspective, was persuasively argued, and I would have to say deepened my appreciation for the phrase “the Name of the Lord.”

Think about it – “the Name of the Lord” in terms of “His reputation!” I did today as I read Psalm 135 during my time of “Coffee with the Lord.” Here are a few reflections based upon my journaling today…

The Psalmist begins by urging his readers to “Praise the Lord” – to “Praise the NAME of the Lord!” – especially those who are to be found in “the house – the courts – of the Lord!” (OK now… engage your thinking not only regarding Who He is, His character, but only think about the Lord’s reputation!”

Then in verses 3-6 of the Psalm, the Psalmist highlights praising Him for His character… His is good, He is great (or supreme), He is sovereign (He does as He pleases)!

Then the Lord’s acts in creation (He is not only Creator, but also sustainer of everything) – vss. 6-7.

In verses 8-12 and 14 the Lord’s “reputation” (His “Name”) especially comes into play on behalf of His people – He is their Deliverer/Savior, their Defender, He is Victor and Provider! “YOUR NAME O LORD, ENDURES FOREVER, YOUR RENOWN (reputation), THROUGHOUT ALL AGES!” (vs. 13)

Contrast that reality – that reputation – with idols – other false gods (vss. 15-18)!

And Psalm 135 ends as it began… With a challenge – a call – to “Bless the Lord – to “Praise Him!” (vss.19-21)

Hear me… I’m going to praise the Lord for Who He is! I’m going to praise Him for His character! I’m going to praise Him for His mighty acts! I’m going to “PRAISE THE NAME OF THE LORD!” What a “reputation” the Lord has!!!

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