I LOVE the Bible!!!

I LOVE THE BIBLE!!! (You guessed that, huh?! 🙂  Since beginning a daily time with the Lord in His word every day (over 57 years ago), I’ve discovered that it gives me spiritual nourishment, reliable guidance, therapeutic encouragement, direct correction when I need it, protection against temptation and sin, and a strong anchor in all that life brings my way…  (I probably could come up with more benefits – and so could you.  Those are the ones that came to mind this morning.)

As a result, when I read these words during my time of “Coffee with the Lord” this morning I found myself saying a hearty “AMEN!” to these words of the Psalmist…

“My heart stands in awe of Your words!  I rejoice at Your word like one who finds great spoil.  I love Your law! … Great peace have those who love Your law – nothing can make them stumble! … My soul keeps Your testimonies; I love them exceedingly!  I keep Your precepts and testimonies, for all my ways are before You.”  (From Psalm 119:161-168)

I’ve got my Bible on my lap this morning and paused to just express my thanksgiving and gratitude to God for His wonderful word!  Hope you feel that way about the Bible as well!

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