A Wonderful Call to Worship!!

I’m a visual guy I guess… When I read the following words this morning from Psalm 9 I imagined a person standing up on Sunday morning in a worship service (Sunday is incidentally two days away) and using verses 1-2 as “a call to worship” … I saw that person in a loud, dramatic, and animated way proclaiming the following…

“I will praise You, O Lord, with my WHOLE HEART!  I will tell of your MARVELOUS WORKS!  I will be GLAD and REJOICE in You!  I will SING PRAISE to Your name, O MOST HIGH!!!”

Now, you could also make that “call to worship” collective as well by simply making the personal pronoun collective… “WE will praise You, O Lord with OUR WHOLE HEART! …”

Can you imagine an entire sports stadium declaring those words at the top of their lungs and the explosive expression that would follow (I’m “Pentecostal” after all!)?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful – nearly “Heavenly!”  Forget waiting until Sunday… I’d love to do it right now!!!  (I am in my heart – but I don’t want to disturb the neighbors!)  Oh let’s Praise the Lord!  He’s worthy of it!!!

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