“Fear Not!” In Frightening Times

I hear people every day express great fear and concern over world affairs.  Events are occurring that frighten us.  A leadership vacuum seems to exist and those who aspire to fill it often have characteristics and values that cause us concern.  Ordinary people suffer the impact of it all upon their day-to-day affairs.  Proffered solutions, human and godless in origin, abound… Who is right?  What to believe?

The situation was no different for God’s people in ancient times!  I read about it this morning in Isaiah 41.  Times were scary… World affairs were unstable… Godless and power-hungry leaders were emerging… What to make of them?  Was there any hand of Divine “providence” behind it all, ordering affairs, and acting on behalf of God’s people?

In the midst of it all God declared through His prophet… “I, the Lord, the first and with the last; I am He! … Fear not, for I am with you!  Be not dismayed, for I am your God!  I will strengthen you!  I will help you!  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand!” (from Isaiah 41:4, 8-10)

Hey, take it from me, Isaiah 41:1-20 is a worthy read today, given the situation in our world and our nation!  Those who believe in and are trusting the Lord can be encouraged by its assuring message!  World affairs, as frightening as they are, are not beyond God’s knowledge and control!  He is at work in our world and His plan and purposes will be fulfilled!  I’m going to put my trust in Him as never before, fill my mind and heart with His Word, and trust Him to work things out for His glory and the good of His people!  How about you?  Com’on let’s do it!

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