A Frightening Situation? … A Prayer to Pray!

Sometime in our lives we will all face something that is terrifying to us – a situation that produces dread in our hearts. In Isaiah 33 God’s prophet raised that issue for God’s people Israel… The “destroyer” in this passage was probably “Assyria.”  Assyria, in the ancient world, was the early purveyor of “shock and awe” when it came to warfare. Their methods were notoriously cruel and violent. They raped, pillaged, and tortured their victims. God allowed them to be the agent of judgment upon His people for their sin…

In the face of that terrifying situation Isaiah voiced a prayer on behalf of the righteous minority in the nation… He cried out, “O LORD, be gracious to us!  We wait for you!  Be our strong arm every morning, our salvation in the time of trouble!” (From Isaiah 33:2)

Those words give voice to a prayer that I will need to pray someday when I face a terrifying situation. Perhaps you’re facing one right now! Perhaps it is a dreadful situation of your own making … Perhaps it isn’t.  It doesn’t matter… PRAY THAT PRAYER!!  God will help you!  He will sustain you!!  He will be “your strong arm each day and your salvation in times of trouble!”  Don’t wait any longer… Pray it!!!

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