“Justification” – What a Deal!

Ever make a purchase or decide on a course of action and discover just how wonderful that purchase was or how wise the decision was that you had made? 

This morning in my Bible reading during “coffee with the Lord” I had that feeling as I read Romans 5.1-11 (you really ought to read it yourself)!  The passage addresses the benefits and blessings that come to those who are “justified by faith” (i.e. those who are “made right with God by putting their trust in Christ to forgive them and bring God’s approval upon their life regardless of their sinful past). 

Now, I’ve done that … I acknowledged my sin to God, asked His forgiveness, and put my trust in Christ to save me, restore me, transform me and make me “right with God”!  Best decision I ever made!!  And this morning as I read Romans 5.1-11 I was “blown away by what I got in the deal!” 

Let me enumerate for you what the Bible says I got in the deal (and keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list!)…

  1. Peace with God (remembering that once I was alienated/estranged from Him through my sin)!
  2. Access into His grace (His favor, His blessing, His bounty, and provision)!
  3. The hope of one day experiencing His glorious presence in Heaven!
  4. The ability to “glory” in whatever I suffer (because I know that even suffering will produce good things in my life).
  5. The daily experience and awareness of God’s incredible love through the work of the Holy Spirit in my life.
  6. Rescued – delivered – “saved” from “the wrath of God”
  7. Reconciled to God (i.e. a “friend” of God) – though the death of Jesus Christ and “saved” through His life (i.e. His resurrection)

The passage concludes by saying… “Not only this, but we also BOAST in God through our Lord Jesus Christ!”  Now I’m boasting!  Putting my trust in Christ to save me and make me right with God was a GOOD decision!!  “What-a-deal!!”  In another place the Bible says if you’re going to boast you ought to “boast in the Lord!” (1 Corinthians 1.31) Well that’s what I am doing!!

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