Free Bible Reading Plan… (and available for reading online!)

Looking for an interesting, uplifting, and NEW Bible reading plan for the coming year?  The “NECESSARY FOOD” BIBLE READING PLAN is for you!

Perhaps in previous years you’ve gotten bogged down in the “genealogies” of the Bible and given up reading the Bible through.  With “NECESSARY FOOD” you have a “balanced Spiritual diet” – you read a passage from each of the following parts of the Bible daily…

  • The Old Testament historical books
  • Bible Poetry (Psalms, Proverbs, etc.)
  • The prophetic books (in the Old Testament and Revelation)
  • The New Testament historical books (the gospels and Acts)
  • And the epistles 

Not only that, the reading plan is “passage driven” – focusing on the natural divisions of Scripture – NOT just a pre-determined number of verses.

The plan’s name is based upon Job 23:12 in the Bible:  Job said, “I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my NECESSARY FOOD!”  And the “good news” is… following the “NECESSARY FOOD” Bible reading plan you complete the entire Bible in a year!

I’ve attached a “pdf” copy of the most recent edition of the Bible reading plan for your convenience (you can download her and print it)… BUT IT’S ALSO AVAILABLE NOW ONLINE TO ANYONE WITH A FREE FAITHLIFE APP or a LOGOS BIBLE STUDY ACCOUNT.  You can download the app, access it, and read it on your smartphone, your tablet or computer.  My grandson, Noah Dresselhaus, has worked with me to help make this available to you.  Attached find the instructions for accessing the plan and reading it online via FAITHLIFE/LOGOS below…

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