I Just LOVE to Teach God’s Word!

HERE’S SOMETHING I LOVE TO DO… TEACH GOD’S WORD!!!  Few things are as gratifying to me as structuring a learning experience designed to help someone discover what the Bible teaches, implement it, and then see the light come on in their eyes as they experience DISCOVERY! and then finally apply the truth to their lives.  I LOVE to see discovery and insight happen!!  I don’t know how to say this appropriately so I’ll just say it… Seeing someone experience an “aha moment” in the study of God’s word “turns me on!” – It’s not heaven, but it comes close!  I love to teach!!!

Yet today, in my Bible reading during “Coffee with the Lord,” I had a sobering moment… The Bible says, “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers (and sisters) for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness!” (James 3:1 ESV)

TEACHERS HAVE GOT TO BE WILLING TO ACCEPT THE ADDED BURDEN OF NOT ONLY SPEAKING TRUTH BUT LIVING IT!  Teachers have got to realize it’s not enough to explain truth… our lives must model it!  God helping me, I never want distort truth either with my words OR my life!  I want the learning experiences I structure to not only be cognitive (lead to the intellectual grasp of truth) or the love and appreciation of truth (the affective embrace of truth)… I want desperately to be a living case study and example of the truth I teach (a behavioral model leading the way to the discipled life)!

Oh God help my teaching ministry to be more than “Blah, blah, blah” – words, words words and more words.  Help me take others by the hand and lead them to authentically follow in the footsteps of Jesus!  Although it sobers me, I’ll accept the additional responsibility of being a teacher!  I love to teach!

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