The Faith Walk…

THE WORDS “BY FAITH…” APPEAR OVER AND OVER IN HEBREWS 11 LIKE A MANTRA… One case study after another emphasizing “the walk of faith” … what faith does, how faith acts, how faith expresses itself in the daily challenges of life.  Today I’m focusing on Hebrews 11:4-7…

Verse 4 emphasizes faith responds positively – even to disappointments!  Cain offered his best effort… Able offered God what He desired – what was acceptable to Him.  Cain got bitter and focused upon himself rather than on what pleased God.  He stiffened, soured and was swept away by envy and hatred.  Faith seeks to please God and repudiates self will!

Enoch just flat out did it… “He walked with God!” (Genesis 5:24)  His life of continual communion and fellowship with God is a challenge to us all… He did it without a Bible, without a host of encourages, and sustained it through thick and thin longer than any of us comprehend (365 years!).  Finally God just came and caught him away… He proved something absolutely fundamental… simply trusting God every day of your life and walking through life with that trust “pleases God!”  (Verse 5)

In verse 7 Noah illustrates another powerful faith lesson… Faith takes the warning God gives very seriously!  Faith lives life in “reverent fear.”  He took the obedient steps that were necessary to save his household from an evil and decadent culture.  His life became a message to his culture and he “became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith!”

But verse 6 sums up the “the walk of faith!”  It communicates a principle I must never forget… “Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God!  For whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him!”

Gotta tell you… I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER want to forget that!

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