What Are Your Expectations When You Gather With Fellow Christians?

Expectations!  What do you expect to experience when you gather with fellow Christians (in a house of worship on Sunday, in a small group gathering or Bible study, or even a chance gathering with Christian friends)?

Here are some of my expectations…

I expect to experience wonderful uplifting fellowship!  I expect to experience vibrant, heartfelt worship!  I expect an uplifting, challenging encounter with God’s word!  I expect to sense God’s presence among us in powerful way!  I expect to see lives transformed and miracles occur as we pray and trust God together!  I expect powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit that will build and bless and help fellow Christians!  Those are just a few, basic expectations I have as I prepare to worship with fellow Christians!

This morning, during my time of “coffee with the Lord, I read these words from Psalm 147 and thought to myself… “You know, some of these words express what I expect when I gather with fellow Christians for “Church”…

“Praise the Lord!  For it is good to sing praises to our God – it is pleasant, and a song of praise is fitting! … Great is our Lord, and abundant in power!  His understanding is beyond measure! … Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving!  Make melody to our God on the lyre! … The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him – in those who hope in His steadfast love! … Praise the Lord!!” (from Psalm 147)

You know what?  I’m really looking forward to the next time we get together!  My expectations are high!  I intend to participate with all my heart!

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