Claiming God’s Best – Entering His Covenant Blessings

The children of Israel… They were on the threshold of claiming God’s promises and entering into God’s covenant blessings… What an opportunity!!!  You wouldn’t want to do anything to mess that up!  What were the secrets?

Well that’s what Deuteronomy 6 is all about.  I don’t know if you’re following the “Necessary Food” Bible reading plan I developed and is available on this site, but if you are, Deuteronomy 6 is the Old Testament History reading for today.  Regardless, I encourage you to read the whole chapter and look for the principles it addresses for claiming God’s best and enjoying His covenant blessings…

Here they are (see if you can identify them in the passage)…

  • Love Him with all your heart, soul, might!  (“The greatest commandment – vs. 5)
  • Reverence Him!  [“Fear the Lord”]
  • Obey Him!
  • Serve Him!
  • Share His story [i.e. Pass on the legacy to the next generations]!

God’s promises are true!  His covenant is sure!  His blessings are abundant!  It seems to me that although, Deuteronomy 6 especially was addressed to the Children of Israel as they entered the “Promised Land.” Its principles apply to us if we are to claim, enjoy, and live in the fullness of New Covenant blessings provided through faith in Jesus Christ.

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