Freed by Jesus! … Tell Your Story!!

You’ve got to picture this… The guy was plain scary!  Possessed and controlled by, not one, but a host of demons!  When he was asked his name, the demons inside him answered in a distorted voice… “Legion,” they said, “for we are many.”  And violent – uncontrolled!  Any attempt to control this person’s destructive and violent behavior had failed… they tried to chain him, and he tore off the chains apart and broke the shackles.  He lived out in a graveyard.  During the day and late at night you could hear his eerie screams (scared the kids half to death!).  Self-destructive – continually cut himself with sharp stones – a total societal misfit!  Helpless, hopeless, completely out of control!

He showed up just as Jesus got off the boat when He arrived in the Gerasenes.  The guy came screaming out of the tombs and with multiple, creepy, demonically produced voices screamed, “What have You to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?  I adjure you by God, do not torment me!”  Imagine it!  What a welcoming committee, eh?

But Jesus spoke to the demons with a divine word of authority… “Come out, you unclean spirit!”  The demons in the man began to beg not to be disembodied and instead asked to be sent into a nearby heard of pigs.  The destructive character of demonic power is clearly revealed in the fact that when Jesus gave them permission to enter the pigs, they rushed down a steep bank and drowned themselves in the sea, nearby. 

But the man was delivered – obviously cured and set free!  When people come up to see him he was sane, clothed, sitting down, listening to Jesus in total mental, physical and emotional control!

As Jesus got into the boat, ready to leave the region, the man begged to go along with Jesus.  But Jesus urged him instead, “Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you!”  In other words, He told him, “Go share your testimony with others!”  And the Bible says, he did, and “began to proclaim in the entire region how much Jesus had done for him, and everyone marveled.” (From Mark 5:1-20)

Your story may – or may not – be as dramatic as this story in the Bible.  However, it is significant!  Share it!  Step out in faith as you have opportunities and tell others what the Lord has done for you!  Your faith will grow and the lives of others will be transformed as they are encouraged to trust God to help them with the seemingly impossible challenges in their lives… DO IT – TELL YOUR STORY!  It will help someone!!

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