My Annual “Birthday Prayer Run” begins…

Well this morning I began my annual “Birthday Prayer Run!” This year running 74 miles in a week in celebration of my upcoming 74th birthday! I’ll keep you posted on my progress for those who are interested. Each year I invite prayer requests from anyone who would like me to pray about a need they have or are aware of. You may text message your request to 972-921-9317 (as always confidentiality is assured).

Wonderful “Lord’s Day” (Sunday) run today… Prayed for a lot of needs friends have sent in. Sitting at 43 miles completed… Should be able to complete my 74 mile birthday run sometime on Wednesday (body staying healthy, no accidents and the strength God supplies).

Well it’s day #5 of my annual “Birthday Prayer Run!” Goal is to finish a mile for every year of my upcoming birthday in a week (this year I turn 74). So today I finished 12.36 miles for a total in 5 days of 55.36 miles (praying about prayer requests friends send me all the way)… 18.64 miles to go!!! Feeling strong – feeling good! Hope to finish Wednesday morning… we’ll see.

Day 6 of my “Birthday Prayer Run” – goal 74 miles in a week in celebration of my 74th birthday… Just finished 13.84 miles today… only 4.8 miles needed tomorrow to reach 74 miles! Plan to do that in the morning. Watch for a celebratory post!!! Yahoo and a “Bartel fist pump!” 😉 ✊

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