A Personal Expression of Praise – Psalm 21

I know and realize Psalm 21 is the personal heartfelt expression of gratitude and praise by David, as king of Israel… It is uniquely his Psalm of thanksgiving for all the Lord had done for him as the leader of God’s people.  But after having read it today during my time of “coffee with the Lord” I decided to personalize it as an expression of gratitude from a common man for all the Lord has done for me!!!  Here it is rephrased as my personal expression of praise…

“Oh Lord, in your strength I rejoice, in your salvation I greatly exult!  So many times You have given me my heart’s desire and have not withheld the request of my lips!  You’ve met me with rich blessings and have crowned my life with so many things that are precious and valuable.  I asked life of you, and you’ve have given it to me – length of days that started in the past and reach from now into forever!  I glory in your salvation!  You’ve crowned me with so much more than I deserve!  I am most blessed now and forever!  You make me glad with the joy of Your presence!  I trust in You, and through your steadfast love I will not me moved!  Be exalted, Oh Lord in Your strength!  I will sing and praise You for you are powerful!” (Psalm 21 1-7 and 13 adapted for my personal worship)

I don’t know if it captures your heart as it did mine today, but if it does, I encourage you to use it to offer your heartfelt thanksgiving and praise to the Lord for all He has done – and does for you!

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