Come…all who are hungry and thirsty! – Isaiah 55

One of the passages I read today during my time of “Coffee with the Lord” contains a wonderful invitation and promise for those who are truly hungry for what ultimately satisfies.  An invitation to leave the “junk food” that we sometimes fill our minds and hearts  with and instead eat and drink the spiritually delicious, nutritious feast spread out on God’s table.

The passage urged us to listen closely to God’s voice – to seek Him with all our heart.  The result?  Life!  The promise of experiencing God’s incredible love fulfilled in our lives. 

God’s plans for us are so much higher than ours – they’re in a totally different dimension – higher and better than we can even imagine.  And the good news?  If we’ll cooperate with what He’s trying to do in our lives He’ll surely fulfill His purpose and promise – just as surely as the spring rains water the earth and seeds that are sown there spring up and produce a bountiful harvest. 

And the outcome of living this way… Joy, celebration, rejoicing… an incredible party “here on earth, just as it is in heaven!”

Just let me say, you REALLY should read Isaiah 55 for yourself today!  It’s all in there!!!  Aw, com’on DO IT!!!

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