Can the Almighty God be “Tamed?”

Our temptation is to try to domesticate and “tame” God – the ineffable, incomparable, sovereign, All-mighty God! We try to make Him over in our image! He won’t stand for it – it can’t be done!
God is not like a horse in someone’s stable – You cannot put a bridle in His mouth or a saddle on His back. He isn’t like your dog – He cannot be leashed or trained to do your bidding. He can’t be caught like a trout with a lure and put in your fishing basket. He can’t be programmed like your computer to act at your commands… I could go on…
In fact, Job, who had faced some incredible trials and weathered some unfair accusations, asked God some tough questions and even expressed some personal frustration with what God allowed to come his way (read the book!). The sovereign, Almighty God decided it was time to ask Job a few questions Himself… It’s all found in Job 41…
God drew on the imagery of a powerful, “mythical” sea monster – bigger than life… “Leviathan!” Interpreters are not sure whether or not “Leviathan” was an actual creature or a mythical sea monster – powerful, untamed, fire-breathing, ferocious, and incredibly dangerous! The question God fired at Job was, “Job, do you think you can tame him? Can you make him your pet? Can you master Him? Will he do what you want him to at your beck and call? Read it in your Bible…
Then God fires this question at Job… “Who then is he who can stand before Me? Who has first given to Me, that I should repay him? Whatever is under the whole heaven is mine! [even Leviathan!]” (Job 41:10-11)
God is God! God will be God! He cannot be domesticated – He cannot be tamed! He cannot be ordered around! He is sovereign! But He is also loving! He knows what He is doing (and very often we don’t know what God is doing or how He is doing it)! We’ve got to trust Him! We’ve got to depend on His character as He has revealed Himself. Almighty God is greater than “Leviathan!” The ancients could not domesticate “Leviathan” – and we can’t make God do what we want Him to either! We can, however, trust Him, depend on His revealed character, and appeal to His love, mercy and grace! And, believe me, I’m going to!!!

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