Christians pray for one another!

It may come in a letter or email… or perhaps a phone call… it might appear in a Facebook post or on a Twitter feed… it might come through a chance encounter… or the report of a friend…

AN URGENT PRAYER REQUEST from a spiritual leader, a missionary, an acquaintance, a persecuted Christian, a friend or family member!

What will be our response? … Will we faithfully lift their need to the Lord in prayer (or simply have good intentions, but forget to pray)?  They’re depending on us – more than that they’re depending on the Lord who answers prayer!

Here’s how Apostle Paul phrased it to fellow Christians in Rome…

“I appeal to you, brothers [and sisters] by our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf!” (Romans 15:30 ESV)

This is what I do on my daily prayer runs… I pray for those in need, those who have requested that I pray, those whose needs I am aware of, those who have posted a need or messaged one to me.  My wife, Sharon, keeps a wonderful list of individuals and needs in her Bible – and every day during her devotions she is praying! 

Will you pray?  Will you make it priority – will you take it seriously?  Listen, FELLOW CHRISTIANS PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER!

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