“Freedom Flaunters”

“Freedom flaunters” … I know you’ve seen ‘em if you’ve been a Christian a while. They lock onto the passages in the Bible that speak of “freedom in Christ” and “living under grace and not law” and push the envelope of what they see as their “Christian rights.” They have scruples about nearly nothing and they flaunt it. Their attitude is “Hey, I’m gonna do what I please! I’m free in Christ! If what I’m doing bothers you… deal with with! I’m living under “grace” – not law!” They could care less what a brand new Christian with a sensitive conscience feels. In fact, they’re just apt to make catty remarks and poke fun at them. “Freedom flaunters” – an inconsiderate, insensitive, lot…

Apostle Paul dealt with this issue it in his epistles on several occasions… I read one of them this morning. In this case the issue was scruples about food and drink but it could be any of several others… Here’s what Paul said in the Bible…

“Do not for the sake of … destroy the work of God! It is wrong for anyone to make another stumble by what he (or she)… It is good not to … do anything that causes your brother (or sister) to stumble… If your brother (or sister) is grieved by what you… you are no longer walking in love. Do not destroy by what you… one for whom Christ died! (From Romans 14.13-23 ESV)

How can I say this? … IT’S NOT ABOUT US! “For Christ did not please himself!” (Verse 3 of the very next chapter!) Oh Lord, help me to be sensitive to others! May I never be a “Freedom flaunter!”

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