What the World Needs…

Sometime the impact of something is lost with a lot of words… So today I’ve sought to keep it “short and significant!” (Perhaps “short and sweet” doesn’t necessarily apply here 😉)

The Bible reading from the Gospels in the Necessary Food Bible reading plan today?  Matthew 5:13-16

Here’s the “short and significant” version of it (let it sink in…)

“YOU are the SALT of the earth… Keep your ‘SAVOR’” (i.e. “savor” –  a characteristic taste, flavor, or smell.  Some translations use the word “saltiness”)

“YOU are the LIGHT of the world… Let your light so SHINE that others may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven!”

My response?  Oh Lord, I NEVER want to lose my “savor” as a Christian – a follower of Yours.  May my “light” ALWAYS shine in a way that glorifies You!

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