If I were naming a baby boy – I’d name him “Asa”!

Parents name their children for different reasons… A close relative, a favorite person or celebrity, perhaps a name signifying a character quality they admire, a name chosen just to be “cute,” or simply because they like a particular name.

During my time of “coffee with the Lord” today I came across a name in the Bible I’d choose if my child were male, simply because of the kind of person this was in Scripture… I’d name them “Asa”…

Now I don’t often do this – pointing you to a passage of Scripture and just urging you to read it without giving the details why – but in this case I’m doing precisely that! What a person “Asa” was! Read 2 Chronicles 14 in your Bible and see what I mean. Identify the character qualities of this important leader and see if you wouldn’t want your son (or daughter) to emulate them (except perhaps for the very end of his life 🙁 2 Chronicles 16).

That’s right… look it up in your Bible and read 2 Chronicles 15 – you’ve got the time, it’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving after all!

If I were a parent naming a young male child – I’d name him “Asa” – sure would!

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